No Scratching Or Removal Of Scabs, Dry Skin / Flakiness. This Can Result In Loss Of Color.

No Vaseline, Neosporin Or Any Other Petroleum Based Products.

No Activities That Will Cause Sweating For 10 Days.

No Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs For 14 Days.

No UV Exposure (Including Tanning Booths).

No Exfoliants, Retinols, Glycolic Acids And Alpha Hydroxy Acids On The Area For 30 Days After The Appointment (Causes Premature Fading).

No Facial Massages, Facials Or Skin Treatments.


Do Not Let Any Water, Lotion, Soap Or Makeup Touch Your Eyebrow Area During The First 7 Days After Your Tattoo.

What to expect:

Day 1: ( Day of the procedure ):

Clean the ointment off your brows two hours after your appointment with the water and gauze in your packet.

Day 2-4: You will experience a darkening of the brow and some tightness while the scabbing process begins. This is normal.  Blot daily to keep brows free from natural oils. 

Oily-combo skin: 6-8 times a day 

Dry skin: 3 times a day

Day 5-14: You may be experiencing some light flaking and itching as the skin heals. Do not scratch or pick at the area. Let this skin naturally exfoliate and settle. You may experience a lightening of the color or patchiness. That is totally normal. Day 10: wash brows. Final results from each session will appear after 4 weeks.

A touch up appointment is required within 6 - 8 weeks to adjust or tweak anything that is needed (color, texture, shape). This is so I can make sure you are getting the best results possible.

No brow makeup for 2 weeks


Refrain from soaking your lips in water for a week and from applying makeup to them.

Refrain from using saunas, swimming pools, excessively sweating and sunbathing.

Apply the aftercare balm in a thin layer after cleaning. Make sure hands are clean before touching lips.

During the first month post procedure, refrain from using exfoliants, acids and anti aging serums on area near and around the lips.

What to expect:

Day 1: Your skin will start slowly releasing lymph fluid right after your procedure. Wipe your lips with water and a cotton round a few times today to minimize scabbing. Before bed apply thin layer of aftercare balm.

Day 2: Keep lips moisturized, swelling should go down today (if any).

Day 3-7: Keep moisturizing as needed. Light flaking or peeling may occur.

You will notice the healed results in a few weeks after skin regenerates. Your touch up appointment reassures long lasting results.

Lash Enhancement

You will be experiencing dry healing on this area for a week.

Refrain from soaking your eyes in water (shower/ bath/ swimming), avoid saunas, wearing eye makeup, applying moisturizer, facials, etc.

What to expect:

Some puffiness can be normal for right after and the following couple of days.

Unless one has extremely sensitive eyes and they experience more than usual puffiness or redness, it shouldn’t affect normal day-to-day activities.

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